Shaarei Torah Orthodox Congregation of Syracuse

An Orthodox Union Shul

Evan Shore, Rabbi


4313 East Genesee Street, Dewitt, NY 13214

Telephone: 315-446-6194

Web site:

Congregation Officers:

Rabbi Shore:

Elizabeth Steciak, President:

Nancy Havernick, Vice President, Chairman of the Board:

Carl Rosenzweig, Treasurer:

Richard Wilkins, Secretary

Board Members: Joan Poltenson, Joel Shapiro, Robert Shprintzen, Jack Lyon, Karen Vaknine

  1. *STOCS tips for Rosh Hashana, Shabbat Shuva, and Tzom Gedaliah

  2. *Schedule for the High Holy Days

  3. *Special Selichos program page

  4. *On the Fast of Gedaliah, Sunday, Sept. 24 at 5:30 PM, a special event. See the Simachat Torah Event page.

  5. *See the Upcoming Events Page

  6. *A new video from Rabbi Shore, “Never Giving Up.” Click here or go to the video page to access this new video, plus previous videos including “Focusing on Malchuyot,” a special moving message about Tisha B’Av and “Saying Kaddish for Non-Jews” and other past videos, including  “Korach and Common Sense,”  “Why No Tachanun in the Days After Shavuot?” , “Shavuot 5777....Unity,”The Four Questions Are Not Really Questions,“Haman and Adam...What Do They Have in Common?”, “Shuckling,”  “Living a Lie,”Anger, Frogs, and Star Wars,” “Where are your children?”, “Chanukah: A New Meaning”, “Jacob and Alternate Side Parking,”  “Erev Election Day,”  “Stand Up and Cheer for Rosh Hashanah,” “The Farmer, The Harvest, and The Rabbi” and many more past videos through our Vimeo links on the video page.

  7. *See an editorial comment regarding Yom Yerushalayim on the Editorial Comment page.

  8. *Kashrut alert

  9. *Congratulations Rav Shore, recipient of the Esther and Joseph Roth Award for community leadership from the Federation.

  10. *See the special page, Israel in Our Hearts and Minds

  11. *KOSHER CATERING FROM THE OAKS...see the Kosher Catering Page for details and access to the menus.

  12. *See pictures from the Cholent contest.

  13. *New: Tzedekah collection policy

  14. *Eruv status - check here for the eruv status. A red circle means the eruv is not active, a green circle means it is active. This will always be displayed on this web site; you may also get information by calling the shul. The Eruv page shows the boundaries of the eruv and will link you to a detailed map.

The Eruv is up